The Golden, Milan Dixon shot by Ed Maximus

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Dave McKenzie
Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow (detail view and installation view), 2013
clothes lines, clothes pins, prints on fabric, Dimensions variable, Edition 1 of 2 + 1 AP; Photo credit: Robert Wedemeyer

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The New Balance Numeric team took a trip to Boston and New York and hit every rail and staircase imaginable.

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i either want to go into core and work on something completely unrelated to any of my projects 

or skip it all together to play guitar.

because frankly my motivation for school is near zero.

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Senait Gidey photographed by Andrew Vowles for ‘Under The Influence’ Magazine Spring 2014 Issue, with styling by Raphael Hirsch, hair by Yumi Nakada-Dingle, makeup by Ciara O’Shea.

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Ivan Forde

This series of photographs by Ivan Forde represents the process that the reader’s mind goes through when reading Milton’s Paradise Lost… (read more @ juxtapoz)

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Spring Commission Promo.
signal boost if you’d be so kind. <3


Spring Commission Promo.

signal boost if you’d be so kind. <3


Citizen, LIGHT is TIME (2014)

"Renowned Japanese watch manufacturer CITIZEN recently unveiled a stunning installation called LIGHT is TIME at Milan Design Week. Displayed in the Triennale di Milano exhibition hall, the spectacular installation consists of 80,000 main plates (the structural bases of watches) suspended from 4,200 metal threads hooked to the ceiling. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for viewers, who are enveloped in a cloud of refracting light, time frozen around them like thousands of golden rain drops." - Jenny Zhang

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